How To Watch

WELCOME to the best site on the internet for streaming & Downloads movies and TV series!
Let's try & justify our claim:
1. Our huge range of films are instantly streamed.
2. We offer over 6,000 films, all available in Hi-Definition - we don't compromise, & we keep daily updates. 
3. Our instant streaming system is controlled by build in player, no need to download one. Press play and watch.
4. Our films are streamed to you directly, as opposed to the "downloading" method of most of our competitors, protecting your PC from hackers & preserving your PC privacy.
5. There is absolutely NO adverts, no blurb - just the movie.
6. Your film choice can be enjoyed on your PC, tablet or even your smart phone & a smart TV.
7. A large percentage of our films have built-in subtitles & our player allows you to chose your language, even during streaming. There no need to leave the screen at all. If your film choice does not have the translation you are seeking, just go to our home page, where you can contact us with ease, place your request & we will notify you as soon as your translation is available. (Only for live streaming) 
8. For live streaming: On home page, click on subtitles for your choice & all the films available in that language are listed.
If you already know the name of the film, start typing in the auto complete search field.
If have a preferred actor or director, type in their name, & you will have a choice of all their films available.
We have, of course, all the usual search categories: Drama, Animation, Romance etc. in addition, we have our own unique categories
- Oscar winning films ( & the amount of Oscars it has won )
- Based on True Story films
- A large Classic and oldies films collection.
- Serial movies, from Rocky 1, Rocky 2 and on and on until The Hunger Games, Fast & Furious and all other movies with sequels, all arranged for marathon viewing
- Our own personal team favorites
- Actor/actresses recognition feature, just click on your chosen actor/actress and see all the movies we have with them.
There is so much more that we could tell you about our site, but if you still are well on your way to support us and buy a premium account from DolphinShare.
( don't store any files on server. We only index and link to content provided by other sites)


* don't store any files on server. We only index and link to content provided by other sites.